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Bloomsbury's still a bookworm's haven

Bloomsbury's still a bookworm's haven

Nigh on a century since some of modern literature’s finest thinkers, writers and party throwers peopled its pretty gated squares, Bloomsbury’s still shaking its bookish tailfeather. And before my Virginia Woolf obsession triggers claims of bias, just check out the indie comic bookshop Gosh! Comics¬†opposite the British Museum, of which one reviewer on Trustedplaces.com wrote:

“The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and won’t have any truck with the sneering fanboy attitudes that can make comics shops a little unfriendly for anyone who hasn’t spent the last ten years reading about men in underpants.”

Add to Gosh! the socialist lit hub Bookmarks and the London Review Bookshop and you have yourself a jolly old afternoon of browsing, picking brains and emptying your pockets of spare change. Brilliant.

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