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My eye was caught by the excited smirks of these little ladies carting their new piles of reading matter through the streets of wartime Paris while I was browsing the bookshop of London’s Southbank Centre.

And they’re a familiar bunch, this lot: little miss middle is sporting a grin uncannily like the one slapped across my face whenever I strike it lucky in the fabulous Oxfam Bookshop; the black-clad, patent-toed sweetie on the right might well have chuckled in that very same, mildly sheepish mirth had she been the one *ahem*, 60 years later, to buy birthday books for friends that she knew full well would never see the world beyond her own bookshelf; and the munchkin second from left bears that common countenance of the reader who’s just suffered that sudden downpour so beloved of British summertime, without the aid of either brolly or carrier bag. Hmph. Hopefully she’ll remember to pick up a Metro tomorrow.

Photo: Anonymous. Copyright Hulton Deutsch Collection/Corbis

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Family cover
Props to anyone who can keep tabs on Devendra Banhart, never mind secure the wayward folkster in their viewfinder for long enough to snatch anything more discernible than a blurred wash of sequins, face paint and hair. But that’s exactly what photographer Lauren Dukoff has done repeatedly over years of hanging out with Banhart, and the results – along with stunning shots of musicians including Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan, Joanna Newsom, Vetiver and Vashti Bunyan – are laid bare in her new book Family, published by Chronicle Books. And here’s a sniff:

Family trio
Family group shot
Family Banhart
Family theatre 
Sand dune romps, spontaneous jam sessions and the make-up boxes of drag queen dreams – it’s enough to make you want to put yourself up for adoption. Failing that, though, get thee to (the book, obviously. And) the brilliant Chronicle Books Family site for behind-the-shoots videos and scrawled negatives set to a soundtrack from the Family folks.

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